Over the years I have learned a good bit about the remodeling process and it is nothing like what all the Home Improvement TV shows portray. I have worked in the industry for the last 17 years with a very talented guy, Sam Portis, who also is my husband and while I never thought this would be my second career it has turned out that way. At times, with the right client, it has been fun and rewarding at other times it has been the most challenging job I’ve had.  This blog will relate some of my experiences and provide some advice for your next project.

Today I want to talk about the cost of your project and how to guesstimate how much it may cost. I am going to use the example of a bathroom because quite often a customer will call and just want to leave everything exactly where it is but they can’t ever understand why it costs so much. When I say leave everything where it is, I mean all the bathroom fixtures. In a bathroom, the plumber is the most expensive cost. So it is to your advantage to keep everything in its same general location. The products going into this will be a toilet (295) soft close seat (42), 48″ cabinet (1700), under mount sink (95), quartz product for top of cabinet (1100), 1 faucet, tub/shower combo (240) tp holder, lever, hook, ring & towel bar (124), custom bevel mirror (330), tile (1200), 2 wall sconces (225), and a new tub (330). Then there is all the stuff you don’t really think about–new electrical switches, the permit, the dump fees, the framing material for tub, the ceiling lights, the exhaust fan, new base and crown, the cover-up and protection material to protect your house as we come in and out (3500). Rough total $8715

Then we’ll look at the number of the subs that will be coming in to do the work. We have always run our business with specific trades doing the work.  We feel you get a better-finished product when you have a drywall guy doing the drywall, a painter doing the painting, etc.  Again this is about 1/3 of the cost of the job. The subs for this project will be demo (550), carpenter(800), plumber (3500), an electrician(2200), both who come twice, drywall contractor (500), they may come 3 times, tile sub (2800), HVAC guy (200) and finally a painter (800). You would most likely have a project manager running the job (700). Rough total of $10070.00.

Once you add profit and overhead for the contractor at say 31% you are up to $24,608.35. Having added all this up I think.