How We Work

First meeting meet and greet with Verbal Advice for Home Owner or Home Buyers

Before you decide to buy a property or if you already bought a property and you’re planning a renovation, we can provide you with an unbiased, informed and candid assessment of that property’s pros and cons and its’ potential to meet your needs. This service is especially valuable because although an architect or designer can provide important insights, their input is usually without prior knowledge of the cost of certain projects such as moving walls, structural beams, reworking baths or all the work for a total kitchen design with tops, cabinets & appliances. You will gain knowledge that will be well worth it for making decisions on whether or not to buy a house or to do a project on your new house. This meeting could possibly save you thousands of dollars.

The cost of this service is free for 1 hr if it runs longer then the cost will be $125/hr. for the hours following the first hour. 

More in depth Home Owner or Buyer’s Verbal Consultation about House & Projects

Should you need a more in-depth consultation on the potential of a home you are living in or thinking about purchasing, we would then meet with you at the property. We assess the condition of the property, discuss various design options, timelines and a ballpark budgets for the discussed project. We will also share with you what to expect during the planning phase and actual construction. When you have realistic expectations there are fewer unwelcome surprise. By acquiring this input from Poseidon, you will be more educated on the scope of work involved and feel more comfortable moving forward on a design for the project.

The cost of this service is $125/hr and usually takes approximately 2-4hrs depending on size of project.

Home Owners Consultation with Plan/Elevation, Design Selections, Timeline and Budget, all detailed in a complete working binder.

As you move forward with Poseidon we will provide a written timeline, budget and design selections. Price will vary, depending on the project you have decided on and how much design you desire. We can do a simple overview plan or a full blown 3-D plan so you can virtually walk through your project. We are happy to help you plan a simple bath remodel or a full scale addition.

The cost of this service will vary depending on the size and scope of work. Poseidon will provide a design contract that will specify the price and details of the contract once determined.  

Home Owners decide to go to Construction Contract with Poseidon Consulting & Renovation

After all design work is complete and selections are made a written construction contract will be presented to the client for signing. We take pride in running an efficient, clean job site, and we realize it is your home.  We work to make the project run as smoothly as possible, keeping you informed thru out the entire project.

Thank you for considering Poseidon Consulting & Renovation for your next project.

Sam Portis